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Growth with Horses
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Information flyer for Equine Resolutions.  Equine Assisted Learning is a safe and gentle process.  During each session the client and horse come together and a unique bond is formed.

Equine Assisted Learning is a safe and gentle process.   During each session the client and horse come together and a unique bond is formed. 

At Equine Resolutions, we encourage our clients to step into the moment and gain their own understanding of how they are currently experiencing life. 

”Ownership” is vital to bringing about self awareness, which is a fundamental step towards making positive changes. 

Equine Assisted Learning provides a hands-on approach, which may bring about profound results for the client.

It is used for a wide variety of disabling issues ranging from PTSD, alcohol dependency, mental health, relationships and teens and adolescence transition into adulthood. 

Why Horses ?

As a herd, often based around the family system, a horses' survival depends on positive relationships and good communication.  Horses are remarkably intuitive, able to read human moods and intentions very accurately through body language, energy and emotion.

Horses accept clients into their space by reading what emotions and energies they are projecting in the moment. Interacting with a horse allows the client to explore issues such as boundary-setting, personal space, self-worth, etc in a safe and non-judgemental setting. 
The way horses responds provides crucial insights into the client’s own emotions, attitudes and behaviours, providing vital clues on how to bring about effective change. Most significantly and powerfully, the clients are able to achieve this understanding for themselves.

What are the benefits of EAL  ?

  • EAL is a very gentle process. Clients feel safe and in control; the horses are non-threatening; progress is made one step at a time.

  • Each client, the issues they face and their responses to the horses, come together in a unique combination.

  • Clients come to their own understanding of the issues they face. Answers come from within, and this ‘ownership’ is vital to bringing about realisation, opening the door to positive change.


Mental Health Issues

EAL therapy may help treat a range of issues including:

  •  depression & anxiety
  •  bipolar disorder
  •  mood disorders
  •  addictive behaviours
  •  ASD, Aspergers and communication difficulties and
  •  post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The benefits for the individual EAL may help individuals to:

  • feel more in control
  • overcome fears
  • build up trust, boost self-esteem and confidence
  • enhance objectivity & compassion
  • develop communication skills
  • improve coping techniques
  • recognise unhelpful behaviours in themselves.

EAL can help with a very wide range of issues, including:

  • Complex & Vetran PTSD
  • Autism, Aspergers, General Anxiety
  • Dependency on drugs, alcohol & other substances
  • Mental-health issues
  • Family situations & relationships
  • Bullying in school and the community


PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder identifies a specific emotional distress that can follow a major psychologically traumatic even.  Clients such as veterans, emergency workers and people during childhood may have experienced violent and traumatic events which may impact the way they live their daily life.

PTSD sufferers often face depression, anger and anxiety as well as drug- and/or alcohol-dependency, and may be violent or suicidal. They may experience insomnia, nightmares, hyper-vigilance and  many other debilitating issues. 

Equine assisted therapy (EAL) has proven to be an effective intervention in treating people who suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). 

The technique enables sufferers to recognise emotions and behaviour which may be preventing them from developing appropriate coping strategies and from making progress towards positive change. EAP can lead to enhanced self-awareness and confidence, and the ability to trust and to manage emotions and behaviour. 


Drugs and AlcoholThe use of drugs (prescription and non-prescription) and alcohol can lead to abuse, dependency and even addiction. 

All of these can have a very detrimental effect on a person’s mental, physical and emotional health; they can also destroy relationships and stifle their ability to hold down a job or progress a career.
EAL may help people to identify, own and address a range of issues which may be preventing them from making progress, whether historic or current. It helps to boost the individual’s confidence and self-esteem, and encourages them to envision a more independent and brighter future.

Struggling to open up ?

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EAL may help an individual build self awareness in order to gain confidence, self-efficiency, communication, trust, perspective, social skills, impulse control, and define boundaries. 

Horses can help us find our own uniqueness, they can be the catalyst to us finding our true potential.

Growth with Horses
Key to Self Discovery !!

Nag Nanny & Equine Resolutions Weekend Retreat Advertising Brochure Page 1Equine Resolutions offer programs to assist your journey through life. 
This approach can have a profound impact on many individuals, it can help people make real changes in their own life.  

It is important to note that these programs are not based on horse riding and no horse experience is necessary.

Sessions may include but are not limited to herd meets, ground activities that require certain skills.
Such skills may cover assertiveness, leadership, teamwork, non-verbal communication, confidence and boundaries.

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