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We are proud to announce that we are an approved Licensee
 of Sue Spence's Horses Helping Humans™ Program

"Horse Whispering"  Meets
"People Whispering"

The Horses Helping Humans™ Youth Program became licensed in 2016 due to the high number of enquires from all around Australia asking if the program was available in other states.   The Horses Helping Humans™ name is now synonymous with professional training as it is known as a results-based program.

As a Licensee, I am required to receive full training in all aspects of this fantastic program, including a high level of horsemanship ground skills, and effective people skills.  

In the role of a Horses Helping Humans™ licensee, I am responsible for assisting youth workers, social workers, youth justice caseworkers and family services with some tools of awareness.

These are skills that can be further developed in a private setting with the counsellor.  By working in partnership with youth support agencies we hope that students have the change to develop and build on skills that they have learnt in the arena with the means that all students attend sessions with their caseworkers.

PLEASE NOTE:   This program, (as opposed to other programs with Equine Resolutions), IS NOT A COUNSELLING SERVICE.   It is specifically designed to teach communication skills and body language awareness using personality profiling. 

Results-Based Program
Communication Skills
Personality Profiling
Life Coaching
Emotional Intelligence
Personality Types
Body Language Awareness

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