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Equine Resolutions - Horse Riding Lessons & Kids Camps

The Equine Resolutions facility as featured on the Today Show, proving horses have therapeutic powers

Our 43-acre property is conveniently located in the
Gold Coast hinterland at Ferny Glen, approximately
25 minutes from Nerang, in South East Queensland.

Equine Resolutions has grown from Nag Nanny's rider training centre and has been established to provide
mental health services, using equine-assisted therapy (EAT) animal-assisted therapy (AAT)
 and equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP)

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Equine Resolutions client in an Equine assisted therapy session with Commander

"It's different
a horse"

At Equine Resolutions, we incorporate horses into client therapy sessions, because horses have no preconceived ideas about how an individual "should be", a horse will simply meet you
 "as you are",  without judgement.

With the animal (horse or dog, in this instance) being the intermediary between the therapist and the client, feelings of "being judged",  "I'm not good enough", "nobody loves me" are often lessened as the animal stands with them of their own free will.
This may not happen in one-on-one, room-based therapy.

The interaction between human and animal becomes foundational to help individuals see how they are perceived by others, from a social interaction perspective in their day to day activities.  Once this has been achieved even in the slightest manner,
change can occur.  

As with anything in life, awareness is key!

Raising Awareness is the first step in mental health
Over the years I have had the pleasure of working alongside some Australian Defence Force Veterans,  who have gone through the equine program, which is run through Mates4Mates, a not for profit organisation.

Many of these Veterans being diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety.

I have also worked with many children offering riding lessons with a focus on somatic healing, I am often interrupting my student's internal and external dialogue and asking them"what's really going on here, what have you brought to the paddock today ?"  Because I believe without awareness personal growth is ten times harder.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

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Our kids enjoy a swim on a warm summers day, with one of the Nag Nanny & Equine Resolutions horses, Commander watching over them

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