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With Awareness

Comes Choice

Growth with Horses

Key to Self Discovery

Equine Assisted Therapy & Animal Assisted Therapy is a complementary therapy that involves animals (horses) in a therapeutic sense aiming to achieve therapeutic goals to help individuals improve social, emotional and cognitive functioning.

During each session the client, therapist and animal come together and form a unique bond. The inclusion of animals in therapy can provide very insightful, it may offer the client support, something "to learn on", whilst at the same time offering a safe, non-judgemental environment.   

For trauma clients, AAT works extremely well as clients often find it easier to talk with an animal than a person. This interaction can open up a dialogue between the therapist and the client.

At Equine Resolutions, we encourage our clients to step into the moment and gain their own understanding of how they are currently experiencing life.  

”Ownership” is vital to bringing about self-awareness, which is a fundamental step towards making positive changes. 

Equine Assisted Learning provides a hands-on approach, which may bring about profound results for the client.

It is used for a wide variety of disabling issues ranging from PTSD, alcohol & drug, relationships, autism. Teens and adolescence transition into adulthood. 

Why Horses ?

As a herd, often based around the family system, a horses' survival depends on positive relationships and good communication. Horses are remarkably intuitive, able to read human moods and intentions very accurately through body language, energy and emotion.

Horses accept clients into their space by reading emotions and energies that the client is projecting. Interacting with a horse allows the client to explore issues such as boundary-setting, personal space, self-worth.

The way horses respond provides crucial insights into the client’s own emotions, attitudes and behaviours, providing vital clues on how to bring about effective change. Most significantly and powerfully, the clients are able to achieve this understanding for themselves.

This article was written by SANE Australia and refers to one of the attendees on the Mates4Mates Equine Therapy Program.

Please click on the above heading "struggling to open up"

to read the full article.

Ken and Manny, veteran who attended one of the equine programs located at Nag Nanny & Equine Resolutions

The Great South-East 

The Great South East filmed a promo to raise awareness for Mates4Mates & the Equine Therapy course they offer to their Vetrans and their families.

Click above "the great south-east" to see the segment.

The Great Sound East filiming at Nag Nanny & Equine Resolutions, on the effectiveness of Equine Therapy. Commander, one of the horses from Nag Nanny & Equine Reolutions was the star of the show.