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With Awareness

Comes Choice

Meet the Herd

Skippy & Kate

Skippy is a wonderful asset, being purebred arabian, he is 

a sensitive and sensible soul who offers clients an insight 

into how little effort is sometime needed to get things done. 

Less is more.


Gemma is another sensitive soul, who brings out the best in people. 

Standing around 16.0 hh, she makes her presence know. She is kind 

and often provides insights for women around any maternal issues they 

are facing. Gemma has had 2 foals and it a wonderful mum.


Commander is an absolute "gentleman" he has given many 

many lesson to students over the years however is place in 

equine therapy is without a doubt his greatest asset. He is 16.1hh, 

is a firm but caring leader for for many years was the Alpha member 

of our herd. For some reason Commander loves to select the 

Vietnam Veterans to work with. His work is profound.


Meet Gift ! What a wonderful boy Gift is, he has taken over from 

Commander and is now the Alpha member of our herd.

Gift is kind and loving and is contented to be in your company.